Shazam Bam was a powerful animal from the east. Because of its indestructible abilities, this impervious beast was sought out by many famous conquerors. The Shazam Bam, a reptile like body standing at 15 feet tall, with rough skin texture, was the only one of its kind. With a powerful napalm like breath reaching thirty feet, and speed maxing out to 80 miles per hour, the Shazam Bam was an unstoppable creature (Lair, 2010, p.15). The only way to tame this animal was to wield a mystical emerald.

Tablets found by archaeologist Jimmy Deans in 1999 indicate the first appearance of the Shazam Bam during Genghis Khan’s rule in the 12th Century (2009, October, p.30). With the help of the Shazam Bam, Genghis Khan easily destroyed villages while minimizing casualties. Klab Khan, a servant of Genghis Khan, witnessed Shazam Bam’s power and recorded in his diary, “…anything that gazes into the beast’s eyes will die of shock.”

Other notable historical conquerors that held the mystical emerald included Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Adolf Hitler. Many of these conquerors' success would not have been accomplished without the help of the beast. According to Jimmy Deans, up to 46 million deaths in the last 3,000 years were due to those wielding the mystical emerald (Deans, 2009, p.28). Adolf Hitler was the latest wielder of the Shazam Bam. Soon after Hitler's suicidal death, the Allies were able to retrieve the emerald. The United States government destroyed the mystical emerald in 1947, in order to prevent any future abuse.

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