Shmoom is the first planet outside of the solar system.  Shmoom has its own orbiting moon, Smoon at a distance of 107,439 km.  The orbital period is 508 days on an average orbit, but there are periods where the orbit has taken 440 days or 580 days. Shmoom has a mean radius of 7,809.83 + 1.0 km with a surface area of 5.42 x 109 km2. The axial tilt is at 146.38 degrees with an equilateral rotation velocity of 8.43km/h.

Shmoom is one of the visited planets outside of the solar system. Four astronauts visited Shmoom on January 25, 1999. The average surface temperature is 380 degrees Celsius.  The physical conditions are very different from any other planet that has been visited. The texture of the surface of Shmoom is very smoothing, fluffy, and bouncy. Every step that was taken in Shmoom had left a four-inch deep print into the ground, which would then take approximately two minutes for that area to resurface. The amount of newtons in force does not have affect on Shmoom’s surface, there will always only be a four-inch indentation, nothing more and nothing less.  However, the atmosphere is not as dense as most planets, Shmoom has 20% carbon dioxide. The Earth’s atmospheric pressure is 87 times that of Shmoom.

Shmoom was a planet of mystery, until scientist figured a way to land a rocket safely on the surface without crimpling the rocket into a slinky.  Shmoom is now the first discovered planet outside the solar system.