The Shoctodile, also know as the “Hyena of the Sea” is an aggressive, menacing creature of the sea. Hyena of the sea refers to their ferocious carnivorous manner in which they hunt and kill their prey. No creature is safe whether they are young, sick, old or hard of hearing. The Shoctodile only eats prey while it is alive and can digest all organic materials including bones and hair. The Shoctodile has been spotted in deep waters as well as swamps. The Shoctodile gets its name from the three species of sea creatures it resembles. This invertebrate has eight long tentacles that are use to seize and squeeze the life out of their prey. The body resembles an Octopus but this species has 8 rows of razor sharp teeth that can apply 220 pounds of force, which could easily crush a skull. The shark is also represented by the dorsal fin placed on the Shoctodile back. The entire body is covered with scales and osteoderms that are found on most crocodiles. This creature terrifies the sea because most pre cannot see them because they possess no pigment and are nearly transparent. When creatures are within ten to twenty feet they are able to jet propel themselves as fast as 20 mph giving them an advantage over its prey. The largest Shoctodile found weighed almost 33lbs and was 14 feet long. Crabs, fish, turtles, dolphins and people. Not only is the Shoctodile very aggressive but also has become cannibalistic in order to find food. There is no water dwelling creature safe from this devilish predator not even creatures of the same species.

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