Two women scientists from Amsterdam, comparable to the real life Jekyll and Hyde, named Taylor Bird and Alisa Sunshine created a device that could shrink any object down three sizes. They started work on the project in May 2001 during a two weeklong stint of using a plethora of hallucinogenic drugs. The scientist wanted to be able to shrink down drugs to smuggle them on airplanes. The shrink ray was patented on December 21, 2010 and was named “The Minionizer”. The first object that they tried to shrink was a garbage bag of hallucinogenic drugs that they successfully shrunk three times its original size. The one downfall of the Minionizer is that the object will go back to its original size again. Depending on the size of the object that is. The larger the object, the faster it comes back to original size. Donald Trump ordered seven Minionizers on March 1st, 2011 for upcoming season of “The Apprentice”. President Obama contacted Mrs. Bird and Mrs. Sunshine to get one of his own Minionizers to be able to shrink weapons of mass destruction. He wanted to be able to shrink the weapons down to be able to easily transport the weapons anywhere and whenever he wanted just to be safe. President Obama picked up the Minionizers on February 14th 2011 as a Valentines present for the United States of America. The Pixar movie “Despicable Me” featured the idea of the shrink ray to have villains shrink the moon in their movie! Nobody knows if Obama has used the shrink ray yet.