Shrink ray

The Shrink ray is a device that has the capability to alter the size of any object. Although the device is widely known to shrink people or objects, it is rumored that the device can enlarge them as well. The device gained popularity in the 1940’s in a horror film created by Dr. Cyclops. And has been seen in many pop-culture movies such as Marvel’s Ant Man. The device works by changing the energy frequencies in an object and altering the size of it whether it growing or shrinking.

There is a lot of controversy behind this device as there is a great responsibility behind altering the size of an object. There are also many hazards behind shrinking humans which can bring deathly complications. For example, if you were to shrink a person’s lungs along with the body, there is a surface area change and the diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide may not be the same ratio as a person who is normal sized. If you were to google search a shrink ray, you will find many different variations of possible designs.

Below are some websites on how shrink rays may work and how to possibly make them at home.

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