The Shrinkinator is a device that can shrink things. It makes them smaller by simply aligning the device with the object and pressing a small button on top of the device. The Shrinkinator then takes about an hour to finish the process. A switch button attached to the device makes it possible to choose between shrinking sizes. The Shrinkinator is available in two different sizes. Prices range between $5,000,000 and $6,000,000. The device has a height of either 3 or 5 feet, and a width of 6 feet. Developers are still working on improving the device. The goal is to make the Shrinkinator shrink objects down by 90 percent by the year 2035. Developers are also working on reducing the power consumption of the machine.

Shrinkinators are mainly used to help the environment. The current ability of Shrinkinators to shrink things down by 80 percent enables mankind to counteract the climate change. Harmful waste can be shrunk down, wherefore toxins and dangerous pathogens can be reduced.

The Shrinkinator was invented in 2033 by Johannes Meier and was first available for sale in 2034. Johannes Meier was working on this device for 20 years. Currently, there are only ten devices on the market. An authorization by the government is needed in order to be able to buy one of these machines, as there was an incident in 2033, in which people were harmed through the Shrinkinator.

So far, there is no possibility to undo actions with the device, which makes careful usage is essential.