A silent but deadly group of assassins are plaguing our nation. For a long time, no one knew that this group even existed, let alone the damage that they have been causing. The Pentagon just released to the the public that this group known as the "Server Squad" is a direct threat to all Americans and that we all need to be on high alert for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

These vigilantes, who believe that they are doing the world "a favor," have infiltrated thousands of restaurants across the country and have began poisoning unlucky guests. In a message received by CNN news on Monday from the deadly group, they stated, “The world is over populated. We have come too far medically to be controlled by plagues or disease. A new form of plague must be created and we are that plague”

The group goes on to state that they choose to poison those guests that are blatantly rude and disrespectful to other employees and customers. They justify their murders by explaining that because the world is too overpopulated, they can kill those who are not “good” people. The FBI is investigating every mysterious death by tracking the victims whereabouts in the days prior to their death. These murderers are posing as normal servers looking for a job and they work independently from the owners of the restaurants.

Please be on the lookout for suspicious servers, but in a recent press release but the White House Staff they said, “The best way to stay safe is to be extremely polite and courteous to anyone who serves you at a public place.”

Angela La Torre