An example of heinous behavioral choices cased by Singularity Driverticulitis

The inflammation of the ego that causes people to believe they are the only one of importance operating a motor vehicle. Doctors and physicians believe this condition dates back to the early 1600s when the first motor vehicle was created. Studies have shown that as the population of drivers increase the cases of inflammation has multiplied exponentially. This particular inflammation of the ego leads to adverse effects on the brain that causes selfish and irrational decision making when clear considerate choices that preserve the reciprocal relationship between drivers are available.

The most severe case was documented in San Francisco, California at the intersection of Third and King, just outside the AT&T Ballpark, on Wednesday June 27th, 2012. According to several eye witnesses, the inflammation reached the highest levels ever recorded when narcissism and utter disregard for others oozed uncontrollably from 15 to 20 drivers entering the parking sections. The inflammation caused them all to repeatedly continue a steady turn pattern that blocked the intersection and caused the opposite flow of traffic to miss their opportunity to partake in advancing forward. This action was witnessed five times in a row.

The most common byproduct of singularity driverticulitis is compromised integrity and the devaluation of others. There is only one known cure for singularity driverticulitis and unfortunately there may be subsequent and reoccurring episodes if not handled with proper care. The only known cure consists of a fully warranted ass kicking by those who have been directly affected by the sufferer of singularity driverticulitis. If sufficient grappling occurs those ailing with the inflammation may be cured forever.

- Amanda Conceicao