Sky Bratoli

Sky Kristen Bratoli, (Born April 9, 1989) is an American-Italian actress, producer and dancer. Born in Brooklyn New York, Genesis started at an early age of eight years old in her first big show on Broadway New York, “West side story”. Also known for her father being one of the biggest drug dealers in New Jersey. At the age of five her father was put in prison, for life because of a murder charge. Raised by her mother, Sky moved to Los Angeles at the age of ten, where she started doing Disney commercials. She starred in her first movie Alice in Wonderland in 1990. She attended the school “Hollywood’s best”, and starred in a variety of films and television shows. When she was only fifteen she attended the Los Angeles school of arts and dance, and started competing in dance competitions, with her dance team, “The shake mamas”.

Bratoli has also enjoyed a successful Hollywood film career. She gained critical acclaim for her performances in the independent films, like “she’s the millionaire”, “When he found her”, and “The little black dress”. During her dancing career, she danced for the famous Michael Jackson, and Tupac Shuakr, from videos to onstage performances. Bratolia also did a workout dance video with Jennifer Lopez. At the age of twenty-one, Bratoli received her first award at the Academy Awards for her role in Nurse Betty in the movie Betty’s first job. Bratoli has been selected for a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame, in 2020.