Created from the growing animosity between cyclist, motorists, and pedestrians the Sky Cycle is a network of road ways for cyclists. This network separates the three forms of traveling traffic efficiently, improving travel time by 30% as shown in research. Cars can drive freely on the street, pedestrians can walk freely on the side walk and cyclists can ride freely on the Sky Cycle.

Researchers polled Americans and found a need to separate the road ways was evident. Analyst predicted an all out war on the streets for control of the roadways, but before that could happen Stan Ridge invented the Sky Cycle. Stan Ridge invented the network after seeing broadcast instances of conflict between the three factions. Cyclist, motorist and pedestrians were all entangled in an endless cycle of violence.

The Sky Cycle ran above city level grounds as interconnect road ways that prevented any traveling interference between the three factions. Researchers were amazed with the results of the Sky Cycle, as collected data showed that violence dropped by 80%. As a result, officials awarded Stan Ridge the Noble Peace Prize and funded his development of more efficient forms of infrastructure. Sky Cycles were implemented in cities around the world.

Today the Sky Cycle is expanding to include speedways, a velodrome roadway that allow cyclists to achieve maximum speeds. Researcher have seen a shift to cycling as a more economical and health way of traveling. This trend has led to more funding for Sky Cycle. Evidence shows cyclist save more money and are in better cardiovascular shape than other commuters. The Sky Cycle has change how society sees traveling.