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The Common Albino Sky Whale

The Sky Whale, typically known as Flyenicus Whalicus, is a lukewarm-blooded aeronautical reptillian mammoth. Although given the name whale, the Sky Whale is not a part of the Cetacea family and is in actuality closely related to the common racoon. However, like other species identified by the name whale the Sky Whale is a filter feeder.


Sky Whales are typically albino, without any eyes, instead sensing the immediate surroundings through a large olfactory organ on the underbelly.

Sky Whales' ability to traverse the sky comes from two large swim bladders containing enough helium to keep it afloat, and its method of propulsion utilitzes nature's most advanced tail propellers.

Life and BehaviorEdit

Sky Whales are apex predators utilizing large baleen filters in its mouth to consume vast quantities of seagulls, otherwise known as Sky Krill.

Their common habitat and domain, is the entiriety of the sky, though they typically float over the great mountains and forests of Greater Kansas.

-Brandon Hom