The legendary Island of Skypia is located in the epicenter of the Bermuda triangle in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. it is nearly impossible to find because it is constantly floating at an altitude of 19,000 ft, which is 1,000 feet below the "death zone". It was never detected by satellites in the past because of the natural phenomenon of the islands gravitational core. The core of this island consists of extremely dense minerals such as magnetite and iron sulfides, which has caused the island to produce its own electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which blocks all radio waves and frequencies. This phenomenon causes the island to appear invisible and undetected by radars and satellites. This also makes devices powered by electricity impossible to use on the island. On the island of Skypia lives various organisms and creatures which have ceased to exist anywhere else on earth for thousands of years. the indigenous species have yet to be affected by the changes that have occurred through out time and experience any further evolutions. With the opportunity to study the rare and extinct wildlife which have survived, scientists can learn about the ancestry of these animals and also of human history. The nearly untouched plant-life can also be studied to create new vaccines and medicine to cure illnesses which still plague mankind.