Mr. Hugsburger

Slami Hugsburger was born on Christmas day in the heart of South Lake Tahoe in 1984. As a young odd boy, Slami spent most of his childhood chasing after butterflies and tending after his rollie pollie farm by his lonesome. Making new friends was a very tough challenge for Slami. Both of his parents, Jack and Jill Hugsburger, were teachers at Sierra Middle School where they had strict supervision over him. He was often bullied and picked on by the vast majority of snobby kids on campus because of their hatred towards his parents. On December 14, 1991, the school day before winter break, Slami mysteriously went missing and never came back after lunch recess. The next day later, a custodian worker found his frail little body beat up and knocked unconscious with ketchup packets splattered all over his clothes.

Full of anger and hatred towards all of the people that made his life a living hell during the early years of his childhood, Slami embarked on a mission to become an elementary school teacher after graduating from South Tahoe High School.  His purpose was not to follow in his parents footsteps, because he truly despised them with every single cringing emotion in his soul, but to unleash his wrath onto all of the punk children that bully and make fun of others. Slami pursued to further his education with majoring in communications at the University of Nevada Reno and graduated top of his class in 2007.

Slami then returned to Sierra Middle School in Lake Tahoe as Mr. Hugsburger with a new job teaching 7th grade curriculum. Each year he got numerous complaints about his work ethic towards his students from angry parents and has been counseled several times from other school administrators. Throughout his profession, Slami progressively displayed his dark and twisted punishments with his students which included cruel embarrassment, unobtainable assignments, detention without valid reasonings, and signs of sexual harassment. This eventually put Slami under criminal investigation after allegedly being rumored to have intimate relationships with his students. After a court case concerning these accusations,  he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison due to new surfaced evidence of Hugsburger engaging in child pornography and abuse. The first day in the penitentiary, Mr. Hugsburger was slaughtered in his jail cell by the cholo gang of Stockton, CA after being labeled as a child molestor.