Sleep is an activity that living beings do when there is time. Sleeping has been a form of art that humans and like species have been doing since the 16th century. It is when the mind is at ease with muscle relaxation. Sleeping is considered a “luxury” to most humans and is only done a few hours a day and cycles. Sleeping can occur at any time of the day and is acceptable in any environment due to its rarity.

There are four different styles to sleeping: Netflixing, Work Environment, an Event, and the myth, in Bed. Netflixing Sleep is when a person falls into this unconscious state while streaming Netflix and misses up to three episodes of a show. It is limited to three because Netflix has implemented a tool to help such persons by asking “Are You There?”. Work Environment Sleep happens most common in an office setting or a classroom. The cause is not known but the challenge with Work Environment Sleep is that the person must seemingly be awake when partaking in this activity style. Event Sleep can be done in an array of locations based on the individual and their sensitivity to sound. Many people have been spotted and praised for Event Sleeping at: movie theaters, sporting games, golf, children’s’ recitals of any sort, and NASCAR races. The mythical style of sleep is done on a bed but the last record of this form was in the early 1800’s. Sleeping in a Bed was known for comfort and physical well-being. In 2016, Kanye West tweeted about Sleeping in a Bed and how only he should be able to out of luxury after the practice has not been around for centuries. This became viral and sparked online rage about unfair social systems and privilege.

The most common related activity to sleep is to nap. Napping is used throughout a human’s life and becomes a replacement for sleep. Although the sense of nap changes through an individual’s lifespan, it is most crucial for young adults between the age of 18-26 to nap daily. This statistic has been found in Dr. Oz’s book, Why Am I So Cranky?, and revealed that it is because those years are the time when a young adult cannot afford to have the luxury of sleep.  

Entry by Mara Sullivan