The entrance that will lead you to the Sleeper Book found in the elevator. (Taken at SJSU Library)

Ever fallen asleep on top of your textbook when studying really hard? There is a book out there that when you fall asleep on it the information will be transmitted from the book to your brain through the process of osmosis.

The Sleeper BookEdit


The Sleeper Book!!!!

The book was produced in the Science building of San Jose State University in the year of 1975 by a science student, who remains anonymous. The science major created this book because he/she was told by one of his/her professors that it’s always better to work smarter, not harder. Taking the professors advice, the student put in long hours and sometimes sleepness nights knowing that the final product would help him/her through the years at SJSU.

This book has been coveted by many students of SJSU throughout the years but only one person per four years gets to use this book. Once the four year term is up the book gets placed back into its intended resting spot until the next chosen student gets the key to the entrance. Many have tried to break open the entrance that holds this book but no man made tool is able to break down the doors.

In order for the Sleeper Book to work, place the textbook that is being studied underneath the Sleeper Book and put your head down to sleep. This enables the context of your textbook to seep into the Sleeper Book starting the process of osmosis to the brain. When you wake up, the information will be embedded in your brain and you will be at ease knowing all you need to know about your textbook.

SjsuStudent23 (talk) 04:37, September 6, 2013 (UTC)Jordan Sibbald