Slumpy Dee was born on September the 12th, 1993 in West Hayward Hospital. Growing up in Hayward, Slumpy was influenced by the drugs and gang violence that were taking over in the communities. He lived on Loyola Ave, across the street from his high school Mt. Eden. He was survived by his mother Jane Dee and brother Wesson Dee. 

Prime TimeEdit

Slumpy's uprising was while he was in high school. As a sophomore, Slumpy had gotten linked into the local Drug game and had made many enemies. Slumpy worked up the ranks quickly and became a drug lord. At that time, he was the most hated person because he ran all operations in all of West Hayward, and profited a lot of money for himself. His popularity grew so much that his name was ordered on a hit list by a unanimous person for the amount of 500,000 dollars.

Short LivedEdit

After dropping out of high school at 16, Slumpy ran the operations until he reached the age of 20 years old. He was doing his typical business and making a deal with a fellow friend of his. It turned that the friend was an undercover for one of Slumpy's rivals and Slumpy was set up. He was surrounded by a mob of people and was shot by over 80 rounds of .50 caliber bullets. After the rounds of ammo, there was not much left of Slumpy's body, as it looked like slaughtered meat. His body was left to hang in West Hayward as a message that the operations have been taken over. There was no funeral service for Slumpy because if one was held, it would have been ambushed by enemies Slumpy's life was short lived but his death is a story that gives his name some history.