Smart Earrings

            Google has recently joined forces with Style&co. early this year. There has been leaks of the development of Smart Earrings to go with their “Smart Glasses”{C} (Wikipedia, 2013){C}. Google’s Smart Glasses will be released to consumers sometime during 2014. Google Glass is a “wearable computer with optical head-mounted display”{C} (Wikipedia, 2013){C} which means that it’s a pair of glasses that have a miniature screen in the corner of the user’s vision that can display useful information on. It can pair up with mobile devices via Bluetooth and has voice recognition so that the user can give the glasses commands hands free. As for sound, the glasses uses “bone conduction transducer technology”{C} (Wikipedia, 2013){C} that vibrate a bone close to the eardrum in a frequency that the user can understand.

            These glasses are a great technology, but they are the most camouflaged accessory out there. For a more hidden look, Google is developing “Smart Earrings”{C} (Wikipedia, 2013){C} that uses the same “bone conduction transducer technology”{C} (Wikipedia, 2013){C} to communicate with users along with a built in microphone that allows users can give commands to the device. This device will be much smaller than the Google Glass, but will be missing the display. Of course since not everyone has their ears pierced, there will be two options of earring that consumers can purchase. The first one is real earrings that require piercings and the second one is a fake magnet stud that comes in two pieces and attaches to the ear lobe through magnets. This device will make it more convenient for users to check their phones and pick up calls without actually taking out their phones. Users will be able to ask questions and state commands for their mobile devices through these earrings and get answers and results back in seconds.

By Henry Nguyen


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