Smart House Edit

In a recently study, due to a high demand and busy workforce, people stay at work more than eight hours a day on average. Most people agree that they are starting to view their home as the most valuable asset physically and emotionally. People treasure the time that they get to spend at home more than ever and they want to make their house the most comfortable place. As the trend grows, people start to show more interests in the idea of a Smart House. 

Smart House first introduced in 2014, however, due to the high cost, not many Smart Houses were built. Recently, after many successful research, engineers have figured out a way to build Smart Houses with cheaper cost. In the beginning of 2016, the XYZ corporation started a project to build five hundred Smart Houses in the Silicon Valley. Smart House comes with many innovative features such as robots for doing chores, voice control, and security system. The robots will do the chores while the owners rest or are away from the home. The residents can do things like change temperature inside the house, play music, or close and open doors or windows with voice-control function. The advanced security system will be able to recognize face, voice, and finger print of the residents.

People value the time that they get to spend at home and they want to make the most out of it. Smart house that comes with many built-in features such as robots, voice control, and security system will help people enjoy their time at home in a comfortable and secured environment. 

Quynh Truong