Smith and Carlos Transporter

At the 1968 summer games in Mexico City, Tommie Smith and John Carlos placed in the 200-meter dash. Smith took gold and Carlos took bronze. As for silver a fellow named RJ Ramirez won it, but he did not possess the unique qualities Smith and Carlos had. During the race Smith and Carlos were running so fast it seemed like they teleported to the finish line. No one saw them running; everyone simply saw them at the finish line right after the gunshot that marked to go. Smith and Carlos went back to SJSU to further knowledge of their speed. With the help of their colleagues at school, such as Jason Smith their cousin studying civil engineering and physics at SJSU, they built a transportation machine. Built on the campus of SJSU on August 5, 1994 the Smith and Carlos Transporter machine was complete. The machine features Smith and Carlos on an Olympic podium with them standing 23 feet tall. The machine works by harnessing Smith and Carlos’ speed, making it into a beam of energy, and then transferring that energy through the statue’s eyes into the user’s eyes. The transfer of energy thus gives the user Smith and Carlos’ speed. With this speed the user could travel across the world in less than 2 seconds. However, once you stop the speed stops as well. In its 21 years SJSU students have been using the Smith and Carlos Transporter frequently, usually to go home for holidays or vacations or what not. Only being a one-way ticket of course.

RJ Ramirez