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The snailphant is a new species. Snailphant has a shell that is dark green and a long nose. African tribe located in Ethiopia discovered the snailphant in the forest. The snailphants live deep in the Ethiopian forest. The snailphants like to habitat in moist area like near lakes, rivers, or ponds.

The snailphant were taken to a local science lab and the snailphants were examined. The scientists discovered that snailphants have been alive on earth for several decades.  The scientists revealed that snailphants are ancestors of the snail.The snailphants eat several different insects and the snailphants favor meal is the ant. Snailphants have poisonous chemical in their body, which help kill their prey. According to the scientist snailphants do not have eyes, but the snailphants are able to use their long nose to survive.

Snailphants also reproduce like snails, which mean that snailphants lay eggs. Snailphants lay about 10 eggs during winter, which indicates that snailphant do not reproduce as rapidly as the snail does. Snailphants must maintain their eggs to certain amount of temperature, so that they do not freeze. During the summer, snailphant cannot reproduce because of the hot tropical weather.

Unlike snails, the snailphant is poisonous and unsafe to eat. Snailphants are harmful if they feel threaten. Snailphant have poisonous shell, if an enemy tries to eat them then they die right away.  Snailphant change color through out the day. During the morning snailphant are green and by evening snailphant are brown colored. Snailphants are creatures that small, yet dangerous to its predators.

 Benafsha Ghafoori