Snap-a-phobia is an epidemic spreading across the globe. Teens across the world are seeing their true image as they open up their app and the front camera appears. Double chins, awkward smiles and unwanted facial hair is in full view and individuals cannot stand their appearance. This haunting image is crippling our society to the extreme. Teens everywhere are beginning to set down their phones, detachment has begun. 


In September 2011, Snapchat launched. Even Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown were students at Stanford University when they created this new app. The app was based around individuals sharing multimedia messages that can only be viewed a selected amount of time by the sender.  As Snapchat evolved they created a feature to use the front facing camera on ones device. Their goal was to promote endless selfies to engage our narcissistic inner-self. Unfortunately, this new feature sparked different attention it began the rise of Snap-a-phobia. 


Snap-a-phobia was first diagnosed on a young girl named Summer. Summer was your average 15 year old,  attended school, got good grades and was active member of her community. On January 10th, 2015 she received her first iPhone for her 16th birthday. One night Summer downloaded the app Snapchat, she was eager to add all her friends. As soon as Summer opened the app she was overwhelmed with the horrendous site. Summer realized she was ugly. She immediately went into a depression because she never knew the reality of her appearance.  

Summers mother took her to the doctors and through a thorough evaluation the doctor diagnosed her with Snap-a-phobia. This new phobia is a blend of  depression and reality. Most individuals that are diagnosed with this phobia are self-centered, conceded and/or vain. Teens every where are started to set down their cell phones. They have decided they are not interested in this trend due to the grotesque images being reflected on the screen. 


Snap-a-phobia is cured by the simple act of detachment. Detachment is when individuals are enjoying their real life surrounding rather than their digital life. The more teens begin detaching from their phone they more they realize the beauty life truly is. This cure that is so pure, organic and loving it takes individuals on a journey of reflection. They look within their inner-self to find their reality.   

The Take Back

       Snapchat creators noticed they were beginning to fade away due to this newly discovered Cure. So, they created a new feature called “filters”. These filters are so advanced it is able to do facial recognition and they were designed to enhance you image. The filters featured enhances such as whiting your teeth, adding make-up, hair, changing your eye color and more. Since these features have hit Snapchat teens around the world are beginning to rebuild their confidence. The self-loving vain generation is begging once again, but this time with altered images of themselves. 

-Caitlin Quintero