Snap Chat founder is Evan Spiegel and friends in classroom in Stanford. One most amazing apps invented. This was found in 2014 and is very successful like Facebook and Instagram. Snap Chat is a mobile messaging service app. This can app can send and receive pictures and videos of 10 seconds. You can screen shot the pictures you take or take of other snap chat friends. The amazing features of this the video or picture taken disappears after 24 hours and messages disappear after you read them. How it Functions Starting with emotions it provokes with these amazing features built it the app. You can create pictures and videos that are seconds long. The app offers different backdrops, create personal bitmoji, add friends, create stories, share social media, create own snap chat name, and its free. When you receive a blue message icon means you have a message. Once read the message it disappears. This has become popular with younger generations because this feature. They use a lot of sexting. Facts Has over 100 million users and 7billion videos produced through this app. 45% of users are under the age 25 and very popular. This has changed the way we communicate. Social media in general. Snap chat creativity has made it so easy and fun for us to message. Sexting through snap chat is very common with all ages. It has even caused couples to get divorced. The divorce rate is a lot higher than in the past. The apps and social media have a lot of influence. It has caught important events like shooting in Feb 14, 2018 in the Miami High School. This app has been able to capture teachers doing inappropriate things like recording students fighting in a classroom. With these live moments a lot of important situations are captured and police are able to get proof with Snapchat.

Nancy De La Cruz