It is believed that the snowopoferus is a distant, more evolved, cousin of the Yeti. The snowopoferus is speculated to stand about 5' tall and walk upright. At this height, the snowopoferus measures slightly smaller than the speculated height its Yeti cousin (6’-8’). It is hypothesized that the snowopoferus feeds on plant matter. Because plants are the primary food source of the snowopoferus, it poses no danger to humans. The snowopoferus is also said to have the ability to blend in with its surroundings, much like a chameleon. This trait may account for the low number of sightings of the elusive creature.

The first possible sightings of the creature occurred near what is now California, around 1690. According to legend passed down through a local family, the natives of the area believed the snowopoferus was the cause of snowfall and blizzards in the winter. Anthropologists believe that this is why natives hunted, when possible, or otherwise drove away the snowopoferus. It is possible people drove the snowopoferus away by removing all plants from their lands, forcing the snowopoferus to leave the area in search of food. The snowopoferus has never been sighted in cities and urban areas. People speculate this is because it was driven away by rapidly growing population and a lack of food. The snowopoferus is believed to now reside in mainly mountainous areas that are not habitable for humans. In these areas there is abundant plant life to sustain the snowopoferus. As the snowopoferus is a mysterious creature, there is no knowledge on its breeding, or migratory patterns. With so little concrete information on the snowopoferus, its life and habits will remain a mystery.

Linzy Branson

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