This creature exerts his own energy from the appearance that he portrays. This Social Chameleon has a rather moist texture of skin and is also cold blooded in the inside of his body. His four limbs are two feet and two hands, but they are not human hands or feet, they are skinny arms and wrists with skinny fingers and thick feet. The Social Chameleon is a creature that adapts to his environment with pure ease. The circumstances are challenging, but the chameleon always prevails manages to take care of himself in an efficient way. The color of his skin provides an illuminating presence in the eyes many. He changes color of skin while having social interaction with various groups of animals. The fact that he changes colors correlates with his ‘feelings’ at the moment of interaction with other organisms. His personality is potent and strong, so the other organisms are aware of his intentions at any given moment. He does not hide anything from the rest of the organisms, hence, his skin color changes and it is noticeable for the naked eye to observe. The structure of this creature’s face allows it to use its peripherals at an enhanced level. His skin is green when he stays calm, but purple when his blood is rushing at an intense rate. It is not rare to see this chameleon drooling for thirst of more attention and even more after that. Yes, he expects to be noticed and recognized, so his appearance compliments his ego. This social chameleon: very intriguing, smooth talking, adaptable, and tenacious organism.

Social Chameleon

Tenacious. by ~PeachPreacher Traditional Art / Drawings / Surreal ©2011-2013 ~PeachPreacher

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