On July 13th 2018 a brutal civil war broke out in America between twitter users and Instagram users. The war had been brewing for months with net neutrality being repealed, using both social media sites became too expansive.  Users had to pick one, quickly after disgust grew between the two sides.  Insults were hauled to each other and quickly there was pure hatred between two groups.  Donald Trump the general of twitter pledged war against Instagram.  Mark Zuckerberg was appointed as Instagram’s general.  

The war quickly became bloody, Instagram soldiers used nuclear meme bombs where the funnier the meme the bigger the explosion.  Twitter responded with nuclear hashtag bombs with the same criteria.  Tides turned to Instagram's favor when Donald Trump was overthrown by his own soldiers for being as annoying and incompetent as a person can be.  Seeing this Instagram capitalized with a nuclear caption bomb that used the cleverest and wittiest captions to take out the last few Twitter battlefronts left.  Instagram was then able to capture the remaining cities and what was left of the Twitter military surrendered.  The war officially ended on February 13th 2019 there was thousands of casualties on both sides.  Mark Zuckerberg being the philanthropist he is let bygones be bygones, except for Donald Trump who he banned from social media forever.  America learned a very big lesson from the social media war, none of this social media stuff is very important or matters at all.  People now don’t spend every minute planning ways to get as many likes and retweets as possible and finding ways to argue with strangers on social media.