The Sock Monster

“The Sock Monster,” a monster that lives in our washer and dryer machines, has consumed countless socks since the beginning of its existence; around the time of the first washers and dryers. Throughout the years, “The Sock Monster’s” has been increasingly unprejudiced in seeking its targets. What started as a hunger for tube socks, “The Sock Monster’s” appetite has expanded to include panty hose, ankle socks, and in some cases even a taste for dress socks. No socks are safe. With the ability to teleport from one washing machine to another, it is impossible to escape the monster’s reach. In 2012, reports show that the monsters victims ranged in the hundreds of thousands throughout the world, with hundreds of cases reported daily. Efforts to capture “The Sock Monster,” have been unsuccessful. Although there has been no actual photographic evidence of the monster, the few of those who have stated to have seen the monster claim that the monster is about two feet tall and to be made up of socks it has yet to consume. What makes “The Sock Monster” especially evil is its cruelty; it always targets just one sock, never the pair, leaving its victims with one useless sock. “The Sock Monster’s” latest victim, Alvin Lau, was forced to leave class early out of embarrassment after showing up to class with non-matching socks. “It only took one sock, just one! What kind of monster would do such a thing?” said the San Jose State Student.

Alvin Lau