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Sogalmada is the newest edition of the United States of America. After numerous earthquakes, causing the tectonic plates to shift the earth, a land mass the size of Texas formed in the Pacific Ocean about eighty miles off the coast of California and Oregon and North of Hawaii. It was first discovered on July 24th, 2013 by fisherman Adam Lagos. It has attracted numerous tourists and settlers in a short amount of time. As the new island was discovered there was controversy over who the land mass belonged to. Japan claimed it was in their territory as well as the U.S. The issue was solved in International court and was eventually the decision of Fisherman Adam Lagos. He had three options, (1) Become part of Japan, (2) Become part of the U.S. or (3) Become your own nation. Mr. Lagos chose to become part of the U.S. and would eventually become it’s Governor. Sogalmada is known for its rich soils and spectacular scenery. Some of the early staples of this island include avocados, potatoes, and pineapples. It is looking very promising as a vacation destination with its sandy beaches and crystal blue water. It has also seen an abundance of Toucan's migrating to the area. According to Michael Clayton, an ESPN football analyst, he says that Roger Goddell, the Commissioner of the NFL, is looking to move or start a new football franchise within the next five years. With this islands abundance of fruit, vegetables, rich soils and perfect weather, Sogalmada is looking like the new western frontier of the modern day. Section heading

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