Though it may not seem like it, but our planet has come close to a perilous end a plethora of times. Be it a crazed scientist trying to conquer the world or a crazed alien trying to destroy the planet, Son Goku has always come through to save the day. At first glance, Goku looks identical to any normal person, but an interview from the CEO of Capsule Corp and long friend of Goku, Bulma Brief, stated that Goku is actually “an alien from the planet Vegeta”. Unfortunately, the planet no longer exists because of an asteroid collision; now Goku remains the last of what is known as the Sayain race.  Interestingly enough, he was sent here as a baby to destroy the planet, but was dropped on the head as a baby and consequently forgot his intentions. Since then, Son Goku has devoted his time to the martial arts, trying to be the strongest he can be. But what is the source of his strength? Dr. Brief states “Sayains are inherently stronger than humans through their biology”. On top of the added strength, anytime a Sayian comes close to facing death, he receives a significant power boost. On top of this extraordinary power boost, he uses a transformation that Dr. Brief calls “Super Saiyan” to get a 50 percent power boost. If the situation calls for it Goku can ascend past a Super Sayain to become a Super Sayain 2 giving him 150 percent power increase. Goku can also go even one more step above that to a Super Sayain 3, which as this moment gives him a significant but incalculable amount of strength, which, fortunately, he’s only needed to use once. Even with all of this power, Goku tends to live his life in seclusion with his wife and two kids in the forests of Japan. Rohan Dhadwal