The SoulM8 is a device that you can wear in order to find your soulmate if you are single.  It is a black wristband that you wear daily that has a timer counting down to the day where you’ll meet your soulmate.  The wristband takes note of your daily activities, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and can sense what kind of significant other you are looking for.  When the timer counts down, the wristband will display coordinates and glow a certain color so you can scope out the person in your area that also has the same glowing wristband.  The coordinates displayed are based on a meeting place that is in common distance between you and your soulmate.  Once you have found your soulmate, you can switch from the black wristband to a white one that is included, indicating that you have found your match.  The product retails at $100,  includes a white “matched” wristband when you have found your soulmate, and a long lasting battery with a charger.  


This product was invented in 2016 in Northern California’s Silicon Valley, which is the birthplace of the world’s major technological innovations, by a San Jose State University student named Elena Oliveri.  Oliveri came up with the idea when she realized that a lot of the dating apps that cater to students are filled with shallow people and that simply matching with someone based on their appearance and misleading biographies was no way to meet a potential partner.  


SoulM8 has a 95% accuracy rating with users, most finding their match within a month of wearing the wristband.  Studies have shown that dating apps have lost popularity, and the download rate for these apps have declined significantly.  According to SoulM8, if you have a mismatch, or do not find your match within a month, you get a full refund of the product.