South Moarte Island is one of the Breaker Islands on the southern side of Kolossal. It is the biggest island among the Breaker Islands, all of which have broken off of the motherland. It has drifted 593 miles away from Kolossal’s shore. Most of the island is forested with an increasing density of trees towards the center of the island. At the center of the island is a chasm with a radius of 5.5 miles. Trees continue to grow horizontally along the sides of the chasm. Before the separation of the Breaker Islands and Kolossal, this chasm was reported to be a mile in radius. The island is surrounded by coral reef mountains which made entry by ship impossible.

An indigenous group of people, the Moartian, lives on the island and has an estimated population of 3000 to 3500 individuals. The Moartian deny any contact with the Kolossian motherland and refuse to let anyone in or out of the coral reef borders.

All reported instances of travelers attempting to pass the coral reef mountains and venture onto South Moarte Island have resulted in the disappearance of the travelers. Several abandoned ships have been spotted along the northern edge of the coral reef mountains.

A Kolossian Marine Military unit attempted a mission in 1252 to infiltrate the island and disclose information on the current state of the Moartian. Twenty-five marine units went through the mountains and none have returned. The Kolossian commander has ceased all future missions of pursuing contact with the Moartians.

Officially, the Kolossal Council has classified the island as an outcast. The council has stated that they have no intention of future contact with the island and have removed national restrictions and protection from South Moarte Island.  

-Richard Dy