Fictspedia: Space Jam Fallacy According to a recent study by Stanford’s Medical team, they have created a new extraordinary drink that is known to produce flying ability. This drink has been used before in the movie “Space Jam” which gave Michael Jordan incredible flying ability in order to fit the part. It was found that over 50% of those who took this drink grew small wings on their back within a week of ingesting the liquid. Although the drink does produce incredible flying ability, it causes mutation in a person’s actions and body. Stanford’s team noticed excessive bird chirping coming from the people in the study and that they preferred to lay in a nest instead of their own bed. This is one of the main reasons to why this product has not been available to the general public because it causes great fluctuations in one’s actions and all the side-effects have not been discovered. The side-effects can range from itchiness from the wings or as fatal as death. The cause of death is usually due to the body’s inability to cope with the strength of the drink which causes the bodily organs to shut down and stop functioning. One healthy middle aged man was studied and within 3 days of taking the drink he had to be hospitalized from heart palpitations and severe upper-back pains. Do not be fooled by the end of “Space Jam” where Michael Jordan wins the game because of this so called “Secret Stuff.” The same reason that caused him to be a star in his own movie caused him to go into early retirement. In an interview with his primary doctor we found that Jordan had gained incredible strength, especially in his back where the wings began to shoot out. This prolific strength did not last and quickly diminished couple months after the release of his movie. Although the benefits are great so are the consequences which make it a product for only those who have few weeks or months to live. -Yannick Garcia