==Spartan Code

Spartan Code can also be known as a cult or even a covenant. This is a movement that was put in action since 1857 at San Jose State University. The covenant only involved athletes that competed for the school at a very competitive level. The covenant was ran by a man whom was called by the name of Hammer. Hammer get to be the voice for the covenant and whatever he says goes.The beauty is that Hammer is constantly changing every year just in case the followers disagree with his rules and guidelines. The covenant is one  that strives on excellence in the classroom and on the field, court, or platform. The Hammer is the person who gives people command in order to keep them in line and on top of their game at all times.

Every year there is a huge ceremony before school starts and before all events start where the Hammer passes down the thrown to the next person in line. The ceremony consists of former people who were once hammer’s gets a chance to give their vote on who they would like to become the next hammer, and the person with the most votes becomes the new leader also known as Hammer. The event is than followed by the new Hammer crowned. Once the event has occurred the new Hammer gets to lay down the guidelines that he would like the followers to obey. These guidelines can be as simple as beat Fresno state. Once this guideline is set it becomes the major goal for all sports teams. Once the Hammer finishes his speech the whole covenant than enjoys a great dinner where they can all mingle and get to know each other better.

The inside source was a man who was once part of the covenant who than transferred to another school due to the competitiveness within the whole covenant was to hard to bare.==

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