George Washington attended San Jose State University in the year 1858, a year after the institution was founded. He was a member of the Speak the Truth leadership club on campus that would meet in front of Clark Hall. The meetings took place outdoors on the parenthesis shaped benches where they would discuss issues in which members of the club would share their insight on, many agreed and disagreed. This division created two major parties in which individuals shared similar viewpoints and opposed the opposite party. As the main leader George Washington labeled these parties to be democratic and republican, the democrats were liberal and the republicans were conservative. With time George earned the respect of the members and they decided to elect him as head of Speak the Truth. He became a powerful figure, and many looked up to him for guidance. The circle in which George Washington stood on in between the benches became a commanding podium that was used to make critical decisions. The circle has powers that allows the members to see future predictions. All the members of the club would stand in the circle and be illuminated by the future. This allowed them to see what position they obtained in society. George Washington stood on the podium and was expressed that he was going to be the first President of the United States of America. Mr. Washington processed the predictions and took matters into his hands by dedicating himself to the members of the community.