“Through the Steam Vent

This air vent you see before you is no ordinary air vent. I know this classroom looks ordinary with menial furniture, but that is just a ploy to throw off the unwanted. In fact, it really is a top-secret passageway into a highly mysterious and fanciful bar. This speakeasy occupies the attic, soundproofed and insulated to ensure its silence. Once a popular spot, it now just sits there, unused and collecting dust, waiting to see the energetic nights of the underground scene.

Bootleggers and club owners needed a way to sell their booze or keep their establishments open, all the while evading police detection. These gangsters and profiteers decided to open bars with secret entrances that needed particular codes or signals to gain access. This particular speakeasy entrance is located in the form of an air duct. You simply knock twice on the wall and then say the password. The password changes weekly just to ensure that detection is hindered. If your password is correct then the doorman lifts the vent and lowers a ladder. Up you climb to heaven.

Inside is smoke laden room that smells strongly of wood and whiskey. Behind the bar are two men dressed smartly ready to make your favorite cocktail. Cocktail waitresses in bobs and flashy dresses are waiting tables. They go table-to-table, flirting and chatting it up with the clientele. Behind the bar you see a wall of different kinds of alcohol ranging from vodka to whiskey. The possibilities are endless.