The Spicuting (spi-coo-tiNG) is a reptile that resides in mountainous areas of Europe (i.e. Himalayas, Appalachian). It gets its name from the latin word “spiculum” meaning sharp point, because of the large sharp spike on its club-like tail. It is a four-legged creature, growing to an estimated 7 feet in length and weighing as much as 500 pounds. Its features are closely related to the extinct, Ankylosaurus. Its diet consists of solid minerals, like rocks. It uses its tail to break rocks and razor-sharp teeth to grind them finely enough to swallow. The Spicuting likes to live in solitaire and is known to be a very peaceful animal. It has an extremely thick fur coat. Its coat is typically a grayish color, but when it is hit with light, it reflects shades of color from the rainbow; this makes its fur quite desirable. Due to excessive hunting for its fur, it has now been declared an endangered species. There are now only a couple hundred Spictung wandering the snowy mountains of Europe. It is the only known reptile to have a thick fur coat. Its mating rituals are quite extraordinary. Each Spicuting is born with natural odor that is meant to attract their perfect mate. Once they find the mate that melds well with their scent, they mate for life. Once they have mated, they become very protective of their mate. Spicuting can become quite violent when their mates’ are threatened. Once their mate dies, the other one dies as well.