Spider-man is a masked superhero believed to be based out of New York City. Many citizen herald this masked man as a hero and welcome his presence. Others believe he is nothing more than a masked vigilante that takes the law in to his own hands.

He is believed to have super human strength rumored to bench press in the tens of tons. His agility appears to be super-fast with an almost sense about it to avoid danger almost automatically. His hands and feet seem to be tactile and adhere to almost all surfaces. According to his namesake it is widely believed he secretes a web like fluid that enables him to travel quickly using the buildings in Manhattan to “sling shot” himself through the air.

Although many other heroes also defend the city, Spider-man has allegedly saved the city numerous  times from villians such as the Rhino, the Lizard, and Dr. Octupus. These may all be glorified names of normal people but there has been some evidence to corroborate these stories, even as far as Hollywood re-making a series of movies depicting the events, although it is highly speculative that the events are glamorized for effect.

Identity: although it is rumored that Peter Parker is the alter ego, there has been no confirmation of the true identity of this masked man and to this day, only the Hollywood version supports this claim.

Jason C.