The Amazon Rainforest is known for its magnificent broad-leafed rainforest trees but there is one particular tree that is surrounded by a tribe. That tribe is known as the Kaitsja. The Kaitsja tribe was discovered by two explorers in 1962. In their findings they discovered why the tree was the core of the Kaitsja tribe. That tree is called “The Tree of Spirits”. It is one of the eldest trees, hidden deep within the forest. According the Kaitsja tribe, its ancestors’ began calling it the Tree of Spirits because of its capabilities. According to the Kaitsja tribe, each leaf holds an Evil spirit’s soul. The tree was created by a witch, Kaulder, who hunted spirits. Kaulder hunted every evil spirit and trapped it into the tree. He made sure there was no evil spirits left to haunt the Kaitsja’s ancestors. The Tree of Spirits protects all of the Kaitsja tribe from evil by continuously keeping the spirits inside. The Tree of Spirits has protected the tribe for centuries. In return, the Kaitsja tribe carry out rituals every 20 years to recognize and announce the chosen Espirituas. A Espirituar, is a chosen protector of the tree. The rituals are explained as an obstacle course where only the strongest and smartest members are able to complete. As a Kaitsja becomes a Espirituar, its only purpose in life is to protect the Tree of Spirits. It is essential the Tree of Spirits is protected because it must never be touched by anyone or it will die, releasing evil spirits into the world.

To this day, the Kaitsja tribe is still surrounding the Tree of Spirits and protecting it.  

- Veronica Bermudez