According to Marine Biologist, Mark Wahlberg, Starbucks was first founded in 1817 by one of the first mermaids to ever be discovered of the shores of Barbados. Her mermaid name, was Ariel, but later changed it to Rihanna. Researches were able to capture photos of Ariel and discovered that she in fact had 2 mermaid fins while she was in the ocean, but would turn into human legs when she was on dried land. According to Christopher Columbus, it was Ariel who taught the natives how to make espressos out of the coffee beans she discovered along the shore. She also taught them how to cultivate the coffee plants to produce more coffee beans, and this is how the Starbucks franchise began. Ariel chose the name “Starbucks” because at sea mermaids used starfish as currency , and the natives used the slang word “bucks” when talking about money, thus came about star bucks. To make sure that she would always be remembered as the founder, she decided to use a photo of herself as the logo of the company. According to the wall street journal, it is said that in order to buy into the Starbucks franchise, you must be of mermaid descent.   

Lizette Navarro