The statue of "I'm gonna look down and fist the air", was born in 1989 and was created as a representation of both power and honor. The statue currently resides on San Jose State's campus but was originated in Sudan as a response to New York receiving the statue of liberty, only so many years later. When first brought to the campus, many speculated that the statues would one day show the students the way to their class by pointing their fist in the air while looking down. As of 2015, the statue  does not however guide any student to their class as it remains as both  a prominent figure and distraction to the students of the campus, The statues often become the center of  attention at night when the lights on their medals and fists begin to shine. This was believed to distract enough students attending night class to skip out on class and stare at the statues in place of their class time. Controversy sprang when attendance records began declining and when drop outs became more frequent. Recently, the campus budget was divided in half for the right activities while the other half would go to paying scottland’s local wizards to cast a healing spell amongst the students and a shadowing spell over the statue. As of September 9th, 2015, students no longer look down and fist the air when walking to class as it has now become discouraged and frowned upon by the staff and student body.