The statue is a massive landmark thrown down from the Plutonians to mark the United States as their territory. The statue is glittery and bold to establish its dominance. It is marked with the number, 307, which means that the planet Earth is the 307th planet that the Plutonians have taken over. Once a month a light beam shines down from Pluto connecting to the statue’s fist. This light beam gives the Plutonians the power to control the citizens of the United States, as well as, make Pluto and Earth one with each other and the galaxy. They want the human beings to know they do not plan on inflicting harm on their community, but also, that they need the humans to help them prepare for war. They need to become united to help each other grow and to provide each other with resources the other might need. Earth has a lot of essential resources that will help the Plutonians make weapons. The statue allows the Plutonians to control the human being’s mind and so it was easy to convince them to become allies with Pluto and help them win the war. Over the next few years they will strategize and plan to kill the growing evil known as the Saturnians. This war is predicted to take place in one hundred years from now but the Plutonians are preparing in advance to win this battle and conquer Saturn forever. After that, they will leave the human beings alone so there can be galaxy peace.