Steven Hiramoto (born on August 30, 1975) is an American actor and physicist. He received three Japan Academy Prizes for Outstanding Actor in a leading role, outstanding actor in a supporting role, and popularity award. He also received three Academy Award nominations, two Golden Globe nominations, winning one Academy Award and two Golden Globes. Steven Hiramoto is described as a comedian.

Steven is fourth generation Japanese. He was born in Torrance, California and moved to Sunnyvale, California as a young child. He is the son of Llyod Hiramoto, a civil engineer, and Janis Fukuda, a computer engineer. Steven has a brother name Brent Hiramoto (born on August 20, 1980). Steven being the oldest, he often had to lead with good examples. He went to University of California, Davis to study physics and graduated with a bachelors degree. He then attended graduated school in University of California, Davis and received his masters’ degree in physics. Once he graduated, he realized he wanted to try acting.

Steven recorded YouTube series for anyone who wanted to learn about physics and added some comedy to make physics understandable. His physics series “What goes up, must come down”, received many views and later became very popular. He then decided to make another series but popularity was not as high. Steven auditioned for a role in a major movie “Another place” and got the role as the leading man’s evil brother. “Another place” received nominations for best movie of the year and Steven received his first Academy Award nomination and won. His popularity got him another role in a Japanese film “Yuuki’s Tale”, where he had to learn Japanese. “Yuuki’s Tale” received a nomination for Picture of the Year in Japan. Steven received a Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Actor in a leading role for his role in Yuuki’s Tale.

Steven’s success started with his “What comes up, must come down” Youtube series and spiraled from there.

Mabel Tai