Steven Spicoli Magillacutty (born July 2, 1975 in Climax, Michigan) is an American actor, producer and biochemist. As an actor, Magillacutty starred as Clint Benchin in Michael Pay's film What you Benchin?, as well as the sequel How's He Benchin That?!; Magillacutty earned his seed money for his research via these films as well.

In the summer of 2000 Magillacutty, age 30, decided to end his short lived acting career in pursuits of what Magillacutty called, “The equations of life”. Magillacutty began his biochemistry career 37 after receiving his P.H.D. in Biomedical Engineering from The University of California- Los Angeles.

After receiving his degree, Magillacutty left the United States in favor of a country that had, and still does have, less restrictive laws regarding embryonic stem cell research; China. Upon arriving in China, Magillacutty used a majority of his wealth to open what Magillacutty called, “The Clone Dome”. Within the clone dome Magillacutty assembled some of the worlds most distinguished biomedical engineers, some of which included: Francis MakeFli, Manuel “Manny” Arms, and Mycra “Micro” Scope. Together with his team of colleagues, Magillacutty was able to create a cure for Parkinson’s Disease that has shown to be effective on treating the illness in 85% of all cases.

Currently Magillacutty and his clone dome team are working on using stem cells in a wide variety of treatments, including but not limited to: Personalized blood transfusions, Spinal chord repair, and the fabrication of useable organs. When asked about the nature of his current work Magillacutty responded, “My work is not too difficult, I mean I'm only trying to fix the world.”

Written By: Brandon Behravesh