Robert Dhaliwal

Experiment 626

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Experiment 626 or better know as "Stitch" is an acient alien race from the planet Neptune. Its species migrates from planet to planet using all the resources insight. Its species  comes in a blue color and they all have 6 limbs. These limbs make them faster than anything on planet Earth including vehicles. They stand about 3 ft tall in length but have 10 times their weight in body strength. Thier teeth are three inches in length and they have incredible jaw strenght which can allow them to bite through medal. Stitch also has incredbile sense of hearing. They can hear sounds from miles away and they can distinguish in which direction sounds are coming from with ease. This creature has an unbelievable ability to adapt to its surroundings and can survive in any climate.The only area they have been seen in the world is in Hawaii. Unfortunately, no one has been successful in thousands of attempts trying to capture it. Stitch is an experiment gone wrong and it was created by a different alien life form, from a different galaxy.

Robert Dhaliwal