The stomper, a fuzzy miniature sized looking panda is a native to Southern Thailand, founded in the 19th century. Their average height is 3 feet when it is fully grown and living to at least 20 years old. Stompers are covered in fuzzy white hair with patches of dark green along its stomach, big bulging black eyes, and a light green nub tail. Scientists believe that the green patches on the stomper come from the excessive eating of grassy green ‘slurpees’. The excessive consumption equates to at least 15 liters a day which is equivalent to about 60 cups a day. The grassy green ‘slurpees’ are the only source of food it consumes. Stompers have incredibly sharp, dagger teeth that they are able to blend the grassy leaves of the forest and with their own saliva make it into a ‘slurpee’ consistency. By having this simple diet, the stomper is able to remain small throughout their life.

A stomper can be a powerful animal with the capability of running up to 50 miles per hour, just shy of a cheetah. With its speed they are able to attack some of their prey. Unfortunately since the majority of Stompers are so small, they have become endangered in the most recent years. Their speed cannot compensate for their small body size and are being attacked in the forest. The stomper now serves as a rarity of animals to be spotted, and is in its beginnings of becoming extinct.