YW “Young Wa” (1992-present) is currently the worlds largest online clothing retailer established by Mo Strona. YW’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California. The brand was originally thought of by Strona, Strona’s brother Kendall, and their cousin Duve. In his most recent exclusive interview, published in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 22, 2014, Strona discussed the humble the beginnings of the now world wide conglomerate. “Overall, we wanted to bring something new to the table, revolutionize the whole clothing industry. San Francisco already possesses such a culture rich with innovation and soul.  We simply just wanted to but our own spin on it. Take different concepts and cultures and ideas to create something greater and make it our own.  We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to share our visions with like minded individuals.”  YW is now the number one fashion designer in the world getting paid up to thirty million dollars for his ground breaking concepts. 

In Nov 2013, YW officially acquired Amazon, Google Shopping Express, Zappos and Ebay, earning revenue over six-hundred billion dollars annually.  Anything customers purchase will reach their doorstep within hours.  The clothing chains now carry some of YW’s online merchandise in stores and online. Strona claims “business and exposure has truly increased since November. It’s honestly a blessing to see where we came and how far we can go! Like, honestly, the sky is the limit from here.”  The only question that we have for Strona is, “What is next?”  When I finally had the chance to ask Strona the trillion dollar question, he simply replied, “Apple”. 

by TeVin Page