Submarine Thoughts was an American mystery-drama serial created by Catherine Burwell that aired on the channel ABC. The series followed the citizens of a fictional town named Miranda Oaks, CA, as they investigated the correlation between a spike of teenage suicides and an on-going supernatural phenomena classified as “The Sublime.” According to the creator, the series drew inspiration from  multiple sources: Burwell’s bi-weekly podcast “Planet Melancholia,” the short stories of American author Ray Bradbury, and the American television series Twin Peaks.

Submarine Thoughts was positively received by critics, and was featured in TV Guide’s “Shows to Watch Out For in the 2015 Fall Season” and Entertainment Weekly’s list of “Top 10 Wickedest Shows of the 21st Century.” The Nielsen rating for the series premiere on September 23, 2015 reported that the episode was viewed by 32 million people.

Regardless of positive reviews, an average view count of 23 million people, and streaming popularity, the series was abruptly canceled after the third episode of its second season on October 13, 2016. Moon Young, an actress who played a lead character Alexa Jeong, reported in December 2016 interview with the American tabloid TMZ: “The ABC executives always interrupted us in the middle of our shoots and demanded for changes. Shorten this; limit that. ‘Why aren’t there any more straight couples?’ The censorship was killing Catherine. It was killing all of us.” ABC has declined to comment on Young’s statement.

In response to the abrupt cancellation of Submarine Thoughts, fans have created a petition for the release of the remaining nine episodes from the second season. Catherine Burwell and the cast of Submarine Thoughts have expressed their gratitude for their fans and the petition, which has garnered over 20,000 signatures.

Cast Edit

May Adel as Charlotte Huxley

Moon Young as Alexa Jeong

Z. Kincaid as Theodore Tran

Francesca Wap as Jessica Lu

David Friedrich as Walt Brandt