Suicune on top of stone

Typically considered to be of legendary decent, Suicune is perceived to be the embodiment of rain by many people. It is thought that such a creature was reincarnated from a normal creature when it perished within the flames of a blazing tower for three days before the rain had extinguished it. There have been noted recordings of this beast appearing where the north wind blows, and those that were lucky enough, reported that this creature had the manifest power to purify dirty water of any grime. Some have speculated that it was actually reincarnated to be a physical manifestation of the north wind who's journeys across the land and water, seeking out any polluted bodies of water in which it may once again purify.


Suicune has been portrayed to have mammalian attributes, closely relating to that of a deer as it has a blue hexagonal crest-like fixation on its forehead that resembles antlers. It is also noted that it has two long ribbon-like tails that trail with the wind seamlessly, as well as a thick purple cloud like mane that some portray to be the aurora borealis. It has been reported that its appearance in color remains to be relatively cerulean blue with a coat of white fur under its belly as well as having white diamond markings around the body to camouflage in with bodies of water and mist to hide its presence.

Those that have ever witnessed such an elegant beast have stated that signs of appearance include a strong breeze of wind passing by in the direction of the North. In other accounts for encounters where individuals were next to bodies of water, it was expressed that a thick cloud resembling mist would encapsulate around the area before one may catch a glimpse of it pondering around in the distance. Those brave-hearted enough to creep close to Suicune described feeling more calm followed by a gust left by its disappearance in the wind. 

Kevin Ngai