The “Sun Beam” is a beam that is sent from the sun to a random area on the earth with unexplained power. The source of power comes from its core with a set temperature of 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. When it reaches 27,000,001 degrees, a beam is released to return the sun back to its initial temperature. There have not been enough cases to be able to predict when or why this happens. Scientist believe the Sun Beam has been connected to various phenomenons as such the extinction of dinosaurs. There are many theories behind the extinction of dinosaurs but the one we chose to accept today is the asteroid that wiped out those animals. An asteroid did not kill the dinosaurs, the Sun Beam did. The ray of the Sun Beam blasted the ground of the land and covered all the dinosaurs in the soil. Another incident is the sinking of the city of Atlantis. Researchers have discovered that Atlantis did not sink from a flood, it was blasted by the Sun Beam. The city of Atlantis is still lost today as no evidence has been found in the deep seas. Finally, the Bermuda Triangle where numbers of aircrafts and ships disappear without a trace. Victims have reported to see a beam of light before losing communication from the radio and none of them were to be found again. Today, there has been no signs of the Sun Beam anywhere around the globe as experts believe this stop is due global warming.

Pho Chau Nguyen