Sun City

Sun City, sometimes known as Foxy the City, is home to the oldest civilization known to mankind. Founded in the late 1400s by Sir John Elton of Venus City, Sun City is the largest urban city on the Sun and home to fifty-two square shaped, black and white striped elves and seventy-two Venus Leprechauns. Sun City is located in the Eastern Hemisphere, also known as the hottest place on the Sun, averaging 5,000 Celsius on a weekly basis. It is located North of Toad City and West of Red-Rock City. Sun City is home to creatures such as the poisonous Yellow Jumping Spider, the Rose Nosed Elephant and the Bull Horned Tomato Caterpillar. Some of the city’s now extinct animals include: the Flower Picking Salamander, the Carnivores Short-Necked Giraffe, the Yellow Bull Shark and the Spinning Black Turtle. These animals came to extinction after the second Lava Tsunami Sun wave, in the year 3054.   

Two decades after Pluto was demoted as a planet in August 2006, by planet Earth’s astronomers; its square shaped, black and white striped elves immigrated to Sun City. The elves were met with cement jets and solar atmospheric clay by Sun City’s original inhibitors, the Venus Leprechauns. This was the beginning of SWIII, also known as the Third Solar War. The war began five days after the arrival of Pluto’s elves and continued until the day the city was doubled in size through the building of new homes. At the end of the war, five and a half decades later, Solar City became the first city on the Sun where two species coexisted in peace. The Venus’ Leprechauns won the war due to their ability of building new homes at a faster rate, in comparison to the elves. Once the new homes were finished and furnished, the elves were officially welcomed into Sun City through the ritualistic Carnival celebration. The anniversary of SWIII, today known as the Builders War, is celebrated every Lunar New Year with parades and red and white fireworks.           

Today Sun City prides itself across the Universe as the first city to diversify its population. Sun City’s leader, President Flare, is an advocate for the integration of elves and leprechauns of all colors, shapes and sizes. For the past eleven years, Sun City has won first place as the Sun’s most welcoming city and second place as the cleanest city in the Solar System. In his latest speech, We Are, President Flare gave credit to the residents of Sun City for the city’s success and the awards given to the city by the Universe Society.