Sun Nukong

Sun Nukong is the king of the monkeys from the mountain of Flowers and Fruits. He was born from a stone egg, which was born from a pregnant rock that sat on the top of the mountain. The stone was 40 feet tall and 18 feet wide, representing the degrees of heaven. One day, after a powerful wind blew on this egg, a stone monkey was born. Already having the ability to crawl, walk, and jump off the mountain. He was egotistical, high spirited and full of mischievous pranks. His eyes were like two beams of golden light, shooting with intensity when they moved. When he was an infant, he ran and jumped from tree to tree, drank from the springs, ate from the land and plants, and harvested mountain fruits and flowers. He easily made friends with the tigers, wolves, and other monkeys. One day, the monkeys decided that they needed a king to lead the tribe. In order to become the king, one had to cross through the water fall, find the source, and return in one piece. Sun jumped out from the crowd, declared that he would give it the first try, and leapt straight into the waterfall. Upon entering through the waterfall, the stone monkey discovered a cave heaven where monkeys can sleep in peace and settle down. He eventually became the king, otherwise known as the Monkey King from the mountain of Flowers and Fruits.

According to the legend, Sun Nukong, otherwise known as the Monkey King, was the recipient of the powers granted by earth and heaven since the beginning of time. He had abilities that normal mammals did not, and the true extent of his powers are unknown. He had incredible strength and durability, which allowed him to lift up thousand-pound objects and survive in severe conditions. He was able to instantly cover hundreds of miles in one leap. The Monkey King also had the ability to transform into nearly anything he desired, including trees, birds, bugs, and different animals. He could even clone copies of himself from his hairs. The Monkey King became immortal after eating the pills of immortality, drinking the wine of heaven, and eating life-giving peaches. He was also extremely smart and able to manage any difficult situation or circumstance. His fiery eyes allowed him to identify evil and see through any form of illusion.

After having wonderfulmtime as a king of the monkeys, Sun Nukong decided to leave the mountain and travelled to lands of human to explore the outside world. He was using his power to help people from devils and monsters. However, he never forgot where he came from and always kept watching over the monkey family. After all he had done, he was rewarded with the title ‘Buddha Victorious’ and finally made his peace in Heaven.